Hello and welcome! To Sticky Note Software.

I'm a software designer and here is my goal:
to find the best sticky note software on Earth.

In pursuit of this goal - I have created a complete resource on practically every sticky note software program ever created. I cover:  sticky notes for Windows and for Ubuntu. As well as sticky notes for the mobile platforms: including Android and even sticky notes for the iPad.

So please, explore my site - and find the sticky software that suits your needs. You’ll find it convenient that I’ve included an in-depth review for each of the programs to make it easier to find the best one.

Some interesting history on sticky notes

It’s funny. Sticky notes are probably one of the first thing to become ‘virtualized’ as programmers began taking real world concepts and bringing them to the computer. In fact, based on my research, the earliest known sticky notes software was created in 1994 ! The concept of digital sticky notes lives on and today there are a multitude of choices.

The sticky note vision

You might think it’s absolutely ridiculous to create a such a huge resource about such a simple subject. You might think I’m insane for spending countless hours working on a project... about sticky notes! Well, yes - I am a little crazy - BUT there is a secondary goal in mind. Perhaps it’s even a bit devious... you see, I don’t just want to find the best sticky note software ever created... but I want to CREATE the best sticky note software. I have visions of delivering the highest reviewed, the most functional, the most rock solid sticky note solution ever. And so, in order to acheive such a lofty vision - it was only natural for me to become the expert on the subject.

The truth is - my secondary goal is an ongoing mission. If you want to follow progress, submit your ideas, or genuinely learn more about what I’m up to then check out the labs. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch or follow the Sticky Note Software Blog.