Desktop Sticky Note Software

Your desktop computer is now the best place to store sticky notes. Yet it’s surprisingly common to see people placing actual sticky notes on their computer monitor. Isn’t that funny!? Even when there are a dozen great desktop software programs that can do the same thing... in realistic digital fashion. Well, obviously these people aren’t aware of the following sticky note software programs I am about to share with you.

Being obsessed with sticky notes: I’ve searched high and low to find only the best desktop sticky notes possible. And I’ve listed them here, for your benefit. Not only that, each program includes an in-depth review so you can make a balanced decision about which will be best for you.

But first, choose your desktop platform below.


Windows Sticky Notes
The latest Windows 7 has includes it’s own built-in sticky notes, but there are other software programs you should be aware of too.


Ubuntu Sticky Notes
A number of sticky note solutions are available for download directly from the Ubuntu software center. Here are the best ones.